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Anbioton offers to its partners the best solutions for logistics, storage and distribution of health products. We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of health, proceeding from the pharmaceutical and nutritional industry and we have our own facilities with the entire technology and infrastructure necessary to ensure quality of the products. We also work in partnership with laboratories by bidding processes, project development, participation in tenders and others. Know more about these and other services:

Public Sector

Anbioton has a specialized team to attend the Public Sector, with representatives in the main capitals. By an in-person relationship which allows the elaboration of specific strategies for each customer, we aid with:

Private Sector

Always aligned to what is most modern and efficient that there is in the market, the private sector chooses as suppliers those who meet or exceed its expectations, providing its users the highest quality criteria. Anbioton has profound knowledge of this industry and attends to the country’s major hospitals and clinics. With a specialized team, we have developed numerous services for the private market, from marketing of drugs to elaboration of contracts of supply. In addition, we work with the standardization of products, working with committees of institutions and meeting every customer’s specific criteria, perfectly aligned with the best market practices.

Specialized Clinics

With the objective of meeting the growing demands of specialized clinics, NatBio was created oriented to provide the partners with requirements demanded for the business. With an excellent structure, we have broad facilities to serve these customers with speed and professionalism. Its location at the heart of São Paulo, with fast and diversified access to any region, providing differentiated products through logistics and distribution with standards that exceed those required by the market, make NatBio a strategic ally where quality and speed are the key differentials.