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Who we Are


Anbioton is an importer and distributor of Drugs, Nutritional Products, Cosmetics and Health products, that operates throughout the national territory.

Here, health is taken to heart.

Because we know that storage and transport of a drug are important both to a patient and to all stages of his treatment.

For this reason, we deliver more than health products. We deliver care. We deliver safety. We deliver quality. Quality that makes the whole difference to our partners and to our most precious property: human life.

Differentials ANBIOTON

For us to offer an impeccable service, we have differentials that ensure product quality and success of our partners.

Full partnership with leading manufacturers, with services such as project development, capture of key accounts, participation in bidding processes and follow-up of regulatory documentation.

Certified by the strictest qualification criteria, including GAFO – Supplier assessment group.

Broad and diverse knowledge of the medical panel, with complete database which also includes physicians’ offices, clinics, hospitals and public and private institutions.

Diversified business units that contemplate specific needs of each market, ensuring excellence of the provided services.

Speed in project implementation, with fast reading of results and adjustments in execution with transparency and responsibility.

Own facilities that have:

Epoxy Floor with rounded corners and baseboards: do not accumulate dirt and are easy to clean.

Polypropylene pallets for packing of products: are easily sanitized and do not accumulate bacteria or fungi.

Acclimatized environments with temperature and humidity monitored by thermo hygrometers, that ensure conservation and quality of products.

Cooling control system for thermolabile products – Serums, vaccines, hormones and others that require special temperatures.

Cold chamber with monitoring system that sends notifications through SMS.

Generator with automatic startup.

Partnership with FARMA-CERTO


Farma-Certo works with optimization of communication among physicians, their institutions, and suppliers of human health products and services.

Brazil currently has 400,000 active physicians, and to have updated information on all these professionals is a challenge. These data, however, are fundamental for the adequate availabillity of health products.

Farma-Certo tackles this problem by keeping constant telephone contact with this medical universe, which allows it to accurately map the amount and profile of almost all of the physicians and health institutions in Brazil.

For Anbioton, this is a differential that allows us to offer a complete strategic view of our partners’ markets. With accurate segmentation of potential targets, we observe the clear opportunities for demand generation.

Farma-Certo in numbers:

– 320,000 physicians with addresses, phone numbers, consultation fees and patient profile.

– 7,500 hospitals.

– 190.000 addresses of health establishments, classified by nature, sphere and economic level.